Are you properly licensed and insured?

Yes. Jaxon Construction possesses the licenses, bonds and insurance that will ensure that you and the company are protected. The company is a licensed and certified general contractor that provides you with expert service. We have experience with a wide range of multifamily and commercial projects.


Does Jaxon Construction offer insurance?

Yes, the company offers warranties on all projects. The warranty terms will vary by type of project. We can carefully review warranty information with you before we begin work.

How can I get an estimate?

You can get an estimate by contacting Jaxon Construction. We will have a representative arrange an appointment with you at your convenience. Once the representative meets with you and understands your needs, we can provide you with a comprehensive estimate.

Is Jaxon Construction a good fit for my commercial or multi-family project?

Jaxon Construction has substantial experience with commercial and multi-family projects. We can bring the expertise we’ve developed over the years to meet your specific needs. Jaxon Construction will create customized recommendations for your project based on your situation and current market conditions. We can provide a number of services throughout the process such as design, budgeting, scheduling, scope management, supervision, administration and any other needs that you have. We will work with you throughout the length of the project to make sure you get what you need when you need it.

We have the experience and expertise to identify potential problems before they cost time and money. Jaxon Construction staff will communicate with you regularly to ensure that we are familiar with all your concerns and have strategies to address them.

What Services Does Jaxon Construction Offer?

Jaxon Construction provides a variety of services throughout every phase of the contracting process. We can work with you to create estimates, contracts and perform due diligence.

Our construction services include roofing, general construction and painting. We also provide specialty services such as general contracting services for finished projects, ADA compliance modifications and diligence, complete renovations for multi-family communities and window replacement.

Should I try to fix my property myself?

It’s always tempting to find the cheapest solution when it comes to major renovations or repairs. Some property managers consider repairing their roofs with leftover materials from the original construction. People also attempt to take on other major projects so that they can save the costs involved with hiring a contractor. Often, there is more to the project than it seems and you can get in over your head quickly.

Large-scale projects can quickly become nightmares if you don’t have the right expertise and training. You can have accidents, make costly mistakes and damage your property. A trained project manager and team can save you a lot of money by approaching the project with expertise. They will have the right materials and do things correctly the first time around.

What do I do if my roof has been damaged?

There are two important resources you need to contact when you have serious roof damage. The first is your insurance representative. You will need to file a claim to determine how much the company will pay and how much you will be responsible for. This varies widely by policy.

The second important resource is a reliable contractor with a strong reputation. The contractor can do a preliminary evaluation to help you assess the roof damage. They can provide you with an estimate and give you advice about working with your insurance company. There is usually a two year deadline for filing for damages, but it’s important to check your individual policy.