Jaxon Construction has the knowledge, experience and personnel to complete all kinds of general construction projects. Trained and experienced construction management personnel will work you throughout the process. We will begin with a thorough estimate that contains itemized costs. This makes it easier for you to do comparisons among estimates. Once the work starts, we will provide you with detailed progress reports throughout the process. We will work with you on every detail of the construction project to ensure that you are satisfied.


Our general construction services include exterior siding and trim replacement for entire multi-family communities. Jaxon Construction can provide balcony, landing, catwalk repairs or full replacements, depending on your needs. We also perform interior and exterior structural framing and stucco repairs. We offer a variety of general carpentry repairs including siding, trim and soffits.

Property Inspections and Maintenance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lays out a number of accessibility requirements for properties. There are regulations for entryways, stairs, doors and other areas. An important part of real estate due diligence is ensuring that your property meets the ADA requirements. These areas may include handicap access, ramps, lifts, rails and other structures. Many building that have been existence since before the ADA changed the construction codes. Jaxon Construction can handle help you identify the areas where your property is falling short of ADA requirements. If you own an older property, your building may be out of compliance in a number of areas. They can then help you make the modifications you need to be in compliance with the ADA. Jaxon Construction will provide thorough estimates for your modifications. We can help you identify low cost strategies to make your property compliant with all local, state and federal regulations.