Jaxon Construction has extensive experience helping clients improve the interior of their multifamily units. We have built strong and long-term relationships with many clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Oklahoma areas. We’ve built these partnerships on a firm commitment to high quality and professionalism. Jaxon Construction provides warranties on our finished products. These warranties will protect the quality and craftsmanship of your investment while providing you with piece of mind. We also carry appropriate liability and workman’s compensation insurance to protect all of our clients.


The key to a successful project is making sure that everyone understands the scope of work that is to be performed. Jaxon Construction project management will meet with you to thoroughly assesses your needs and plan a task list and timeline that will meet your needs. This will eliminate many of the common problems and miscommunications that can occur during projects.

When you are ready for an estimate, Jaxon Construction will provide you with a thorough and accurate list that details all the services we will provide. Each line item will be priced separately which will make it easy for you to compare our estimates with other quotes. Jaxon Construction will also provide lists of potential costs that may arise during the project so that you will have all the information you need to plan costs ahead of time. You’ll find that our team is committed to provide high-quality work on time and within budget.

Jaxon project managers will work to communicate with you throughout the project. We will provide you with regular updates so that you can be confident that the project is progressing properly. We are focused on customer service and satisfaction. We only hire the most qualified craftsmen who are committed to quality and professionalism. You can count on our team to improve your property while respecting the privacy of your residents.


Painting is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to improve the appearance of multifamily housing. A high-quality painting job can make your property look fresher, cleaner and more modern. Jaxon Construction provides interior painting services. Our teams use high quality equipment and paint that will lead to excellent and long-term results.  We can paint the units, your clubhouse, trim, hallways, railings and other parts of your buildings’ interiors.  Jaxon Construction can also provide exterior painting services if needed.

Clubhouse Remodels

Jaxon Construction can help you upgrade your clubhouse space to make it an attractive, welcoming area for the residents who live in your multifamily structure. A modern, well-designed clubhouse can attract new residents to the community. It will also provide benefits to current residents and give them a place to gather. We can work with you to perform extensive upgrades or simple, cost-effective improvements that will give you great results for a minimal investment.

Unit Upgrades

In order to attract residents to your multifamily property, it’s important that the individual units are attractive and inviting. There are many choices in the market and residents tend to gravitate to units that look modern, fresh and clean. This requires regular upgrades to the units that are part of your property. Jaxon Construction is also experienced at performing repairs to units that have been damaged by residents, fire or other circumstances. We can perform ground-up construction or adapt the existing structure.

Make Ready

Jaxon Construction can assist you during the make ready process so that your units are in top quality condition and appearance. Our make ready service will perform a variety of services such as cleaning, polishing appropriate surfaces, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and removing trash and debris. We can provide the labor, equipment, tools and experience that will help prepare you for inspection and move-in.