Did you know refinishing a bathtub can be much more cost effective than replacing your bathtub?

We can completely restore fiberglass, porcelain, acrylic and cultured marble bathtubs with our acid proprietary refinishing (re-glazing) process. We start out using our very thorough One-step cleaning process so that all soap scum, bodily oils and mineral deposit are removed and the tub is totally cleaned. When this is finished all visible cracks, chips and anomalies are properly repaired.


Our Resurfacing Process

We first thoroughly clean the bathtub, removing all soap scum.
We then rinse and dry the bathtub.
Following this, we remove all caulk from around the bathtub.
Then cover and tape any surfaces where we do not want to apply coating.
Remove any debris left behind and apply acetone.
A specialized polymer will then get sprayed over the entire surface.
Once this is done we can begin to apply a glazing product.
Then we remove all tape and re-caulk the bathtub.

Bathtub refinishing can save you from the costly expense of having to replace your entire bathtub. A special epoxy coating is applied that can make your bathtub like new again. We can change the color of your bathtub or you can keep the same color you have but just have bathtub that appears to be practically brand-new.

Once we are finished it will look like a brand new bathtub. All the proper procedures and techniques are used when applying quality products. Creating proper ventilation when we are doing bathtub refinishing is very important because of the chemicals that are used when refinishing your bathtub. Refinishing your bathtub is one of the best ways to give your bathroom a new look without spending a lot of money.

Resurfacing Options

Strip Existing Finish
Remove existing finish prior to refinishing with new. Anytime your tub has been previously refinished, we must remove the existing finish prior to applying our finish. The cost will range from $155 – $255 per unit and is dependent on the size of the tub and surrounding area as well as the tub material. This cost is in addition to the resurfacing cost listed above.
Chip or Crack Repair
When we are refinishing the tub and/or surround, the above price will apply and be in addition to the resurfacing price. If we are repairing a chip and not resurfacing the entire tub and/or surround, our minimum service charge of $155 will apply.
Tile and Grout Repair
Please call to discuss the scope of the repairs needed or email [email protected] pictures of the area.

NOTE: Prices listed here on our website are subject to change and can be updated accordingly. The price you will get by calling me will be the same that is listed here. Estimates are only guaranteed when received by me in writing or over the phone.

Resurfacing Care & Maintenance

We request that no one is in or enters the residence while the refinishing is in process due to the potentially harmful fumes.
The re-glazed surface will completely cure in approximately 7 days. Do Not use, touch or run water on the re-glazed surface for at least 24 hours – This will void the warranty.
Cleaners that contain abrasive materials or chemicals, bleach, bleach alternative or acid can cause rust, corrosion, and / or spots and therefore may void the warranty. We recommend cleaning products such as Soft Scrub without bleach.
Chemicals such as dyes, drain openers or bleach should not be left standing on the surface as it can cause rust, corrosion, and / or spots and therefore may void the warranty.
Bathmats and stick on appliques can wear away at the surface and are not recommended.
Bottles or soap standing on the surface for a long time can wear away at the surface and is not recommended.
We also recommend that any dripping faucets are repaired prior to the refinishing in order to maintain the quality of the surface.

Rates & Estimates (subject to change without notice)

Free Estimates are provided for all projects.  All prices below include both labor and materials, unless otherwise noted.

Standard Tub Resurfacing = $295 per unit
Standard 5′ rectangle tub only (no adjacent walls or shower surround included)
Standard Tub and Shower Surround Resurfacing = $675 per unit
Standard 5′ rectangle tub and three adjacent shower walls – one piece units or tile surrounds
Non-Standard Tub Resurfacing = $375 per unit
Non-Standard or Garden tubs only – with or without jets (no adjacent walls or surround included)
Non-Standard Tub and Surround Resurfacing = $745 per unit
Non-Standard or Garden tubs and adjacent surrounding walls and surfaces
Shower Stall Pan Resurfacing = $295 per unit
Shower pan (floor) only (no adjacent walls or shower surround included)
Shower Stall Pan and Surround Resurfacing = $675 per unit
Shower pan (floor) and three adjacent shower walls – one piece units or tile surrounds
Countertop MultiSpec Resurfacing
Please call me to set up an appointment in order to discuss color options.

NOTE: The caulk, drain and overflow will be removed for the refinishing process and must remain off the surface for a complete 24-hour dry time. We will return 24 hours later to reinstall these items.

WARRANTY – 5 YEARS: All surfaces refinished by us hold a warranty for a maximum of 5 years from the original application against defects in material or workmanship providing the customer has maintained the surface as recommended (see Care and Maintenance Instructions). This warranty is only transferable for one year. This warranty is void when it is apparent that the proper care and maintenance recommendations have not been followed. This warranty excludes new occurring chips, rusting, bubbling or peeling due to moisture entrapment and/or unrepaired leaks.