Managing a multifamily property can involve a lot of time and effort. You may feel like you are facing an endless list of projects. A reliable and professional contractor like Jaxon Construction can help support you. They can assist you in a number of ways that will help you control costs and improve your property. Jaxon Construction project managers will provide detailed estimates on the work you are requesting. They’ll ensure that you fully understand the work you’ve contracted. Project managers will help you control the schedule and costs involved in the project so that you can stay within your budget while still achieving your quality goals. The company can provide support with the small and large projects that you need to keep your property in top notch condition.


Jaxon Construction can provide a wide range of contracting services that will help you provide a comfortable and attractive space for your residents. They provide services such as painting, fence repair, fence installation, roofing, unit grades, welding, stair building and stair repair. The company also offers general carpentry, fire restoration, siding replacement and clubroom renewals.

Jaxon Construction can assist you at every phase of property ownership. You can rely on them to assist you in the acquisition process by evaluating properties and planning for construction and renovation. When you want to improve a property you already own, the company can provide construction management services and renovation support. Maintaining and replacing roofing can be a major concern for multifamily property owners. Jaxon Construction will help you with the insurance claim process when damage occurs. They will do repairs and replacement when needed and will also help you implement energy efficient roofing solutions. If your property has been damaged, Jaxon Construction can help you with the restoration process. This may include stabilization, insurance support, mitigation and rebuilding.