There are a variety of issues that property managers and owners deal with on a regular basis. Electrical and plumbing problems can be caused by old equipment or careless residents. HVAC issues need to be resolved quickly to keep community residents comfortable and safe. You can accrue significant costs if the specialty work on your property is not done correctly. You can end up with leaks, power outages and even fires as the result of shoddy work. Jaxon Construction has the expertise and experience to perform specialty services with the level of quality that you need.


Property owners and managers should only hire general contractors that are licensed and bondable. Select a company that can produce the necessary forms to ensure your protection during the project. Jaxon Construction is a licensed certified general contractor with a portfolio of multifamily and commercial projects. Client Protection Jaxon Construction carries $3,000,000.00 worth of liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. We also carry commercial auto insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 to protect clients. You will also be protected by our warranties. Jaxon Construction provides various warranties depending on the type of project. We will carefully review warranty information with you at the beginning of the project. This will provide you with peace of mind and confidence in our products and workmanship.

Jaxon Construction has the ability to meet and exceed your expectations. We possess the knowledge, experience and personnel to complete your projects on time and within the designated budget. Clients can count on Jaxon Construction to complete all projects in a professional and timely manner, with respect given to every detail. To better ensure the client’s satisfaction, upon project completion, material and workmanship warranties are provided.

Window replacement

Jaxon Construction can perform complete window replacement or repairs, depending on your needs. We can also install store front windows. Jaxon Construction can help you find good quality windows that will benefit you in many ways. New windows can enhance the look of your property from the outside. They can also make the interior of the building more pleasing. We can help you select the appropriate windows and install the framing and window quickly and efficiently.


Electrical work is complex and should never be done by someone untrained. Our technicians have the training and experience to perform even the most difficult electrical projects. We can assist you with community-wide, individual unit or other types of electrical projects. We can provide many different kinds of electrical services such as lighting, wiring, emergency repairs, code compliance, installation and repairs. We only use high quality parts that have a strong performance record.


Jaxon Construction provides complete services to owners and property managers. As equipment ages, it is more likely to be unreliable. If tenants are careless, they can damage plumbing structures. We can deal with a variety of plumbing issues such replacing and repairing pipes, sewer issues, draining cleaning, pressure problems and other concerns you may have. We can provide new plumbing and accessories at reasonable prices. Best of all, we provide warranties on our work, which will give you confidence in your investment.


No matter what kind of HVAC setup your property has, it will inevitably have problems over the years. You may have breakdowns or problems with efficiency. Other concerns may include hot and cold spots, pilot light issues, air duct maintenance and severe weather. Jaxon Construction offers complete HVAC services. We can help you evaluate and solve common heating and air conditioning problems and perform routine maintenance to keep your equipment in good working order.