Catastrophic Restoration

Catastrophes such as fires and storms can do extensive damage to property. Many people aren’t sure how to proceed in a catastrophic situation. An experienced, reliable contractor can help you understand the steps you need to take.

In the event of a catastrophe, Jaxon Construction can help you get started. We can provide estimates and complete the construction you need. Jaxon Construction will provide you with an accurate and complete of all the services they will perform. We will itemize the cost for each item. This will make it easier for you to evaluate your budget and compare our estimates with other estimates. We will also include an estimate of any additional costs that may occur during the project so that you can be fully prepared.

Insurance Claim Audit Assistance

You need to prepare your insurance claim carefully to prepare to get the maximum amount for your property damage. You should immediately document the problem by taking detailed pictures for your records. Next, you should consult with an expert such as Jaxon Construction to get an opinion on the damage. Have the contractor and your insurance adjusters meet. This will help ensure that the claim completely covers the cost of repair. If you don’t get enough money, Jaxon Construction can work with you and the adjusters to fight for the funds that you are entitled to under your policy.

You can choose any contractor you want. Your insurance company can’t force you to use a particular company. Avoid using out-town-companies that don’t have a local reputation. It’s important to read your insurance policy thoroughly so that you understand your coverage circumstances. If you feel that your insurance company is trying to pay you too little money, you can check with your contractor. They will often be able to tell you if you deserve more money due to the damage. Jaxon Construction can help you navigate through the process to get the information your insurance company needs to process your claim.

Fire Damage Evaluations and Fire Restoration

A fire can have devastating consequences. It can do a great deal of damage to your property. It’s important to get the damage repaired correctly. You will also need to work with the insurance company to process your fire damage claim.

Jaxon Construction can help evaluate your property after a fire. We can document the extent of the damage and work with you to develop a repair estimate. Jaxon Construction will prepare a detailed estimate that will include all the work necessary as part of the fire restoration process.

Storm Damage Evaluations, Repair and Restoration

Storms such as tornados, hailstorms and hurricanes are responsible for a lot of property damage. Jaxon Construction has worked with many people after these types of incidents. Hail damage is a common kind of roof damage. It may not immediately lead to leaks, but down the road, it will cause many problems for the building. This kind of damage can be merely cosmetic or more substantial. You cannot assess the extent of the damage merely through inspection. The roof needs to be tested to determine the extent of the damage to the roof’s components. If there has been damaged, the roof won’t be waterproof and will not last as long as roof that is unscarred.

We can help with many parts of the restoration process. Jaxon Construction can assess the damage and help you understand the steps you need to take to prevent further damage. We can help expedite the insurance filing process so that you can receive the funds you need to repair the property. If additional assistance is necessary for repair, we can find third party contractors. We can perform ground re-leveling and other post-flood services.